<strong>Dave Gejdos</strong>
Dave GejdosSculptor (Wood & Clay), Painter (All Mediums), Mixed Media
<strong>Shelley McGillivray</strong>
Shelley McGillivrayPainter (acrylic, mixed media materials like inks, papers, graphite and pastels)
<strong>Jeffrey Taylor</strong>
Jeffrey TaylorSculptor and Potter (clay, antler, wood and mixed media)
<strong>DeLee Grant</strong>
DeLee GrantPainter (oil and acrylics) & Fine Art Photography
<strong>Derek Olson</strong>
Derek OlsonGoldsmith, Painter
<strong>Nikki Jacquin</strong>
Nikki JacquinPainter (Mixed Media, oils, acrylic, watercolor)
<strong>Les Sneesby</strong>
Les SneesbyPainter (oil, watercolour) coloured pencil, ink and graphite
<strong>Madhu Kumar</strong>
Madhu KumarPainter (Oil – Portrait, Horses & Landscapes)
<strong>Mark Sexton</strong>
Mark SextonPainter (watercolour, oil & acrylic)