The Regina Art Collective (RAC) established in 2015 offers local artists an alternative to guilds and galleries as a way to expose the public and art collectors to their artwork.

Coming out of the structure of much larger guilds, RAC believes that a smaller group of practicing artists allows for the artist’s personal growth in practice and professional development as well as new ways to expose that work.

Members of the collective are not represented by commercial galleries which benefit both the artist and potential purchasers. Artists are:

  • not restricted in terms of where the artist’s work can be displayed or sold,
  • not restricted in terms of being confined to a body of work allowing the artist to experiment and grow creatively,
  • not restricted to venue or number of allowable exhibitions or shows a year,
  • allows the artist to offer artwork to purchasers directly bypassing the large commissions often part of a commercial gallery’s business model.

A serious and dedicated group the collective currently features 10 artists. Learn more about RAC members and their work.